Missing: Audience Etiquettes!

When found, please retain it for future use when attending performances.


Imagine thisYou’ve spent months and months for hours on end brainstorming, writing, rehearsing, tweaking and perfecting your show so that when people come to see you perform, they’ll see your hard work come to life, enjoy every moment and have a wonderful time. Finally it’s show time but throughout your performance, you notice that some people are either chatting, whispering and giggling with each other; rolling their eyes follow by disapproving or bored sighs and/or have their phones out, their fingers swiping up/down and their faces fixated to the screen.  Continue reading “Missing: Audience Etiquettes!”


Michael Griffiths – Sweet Dreams: Songs by Annie Lennox. Melbourne Cabaret Festival 2013 (4/7/2013)

Brilliantly & Cleverly Executed. Full of Fantabulous-ness. ‘Sweet Dreams are made of this’

(original image by Chris Parker. courtesy of http://simonparrismaninchair.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/michael-griffiths-sweet-dreams-annie-lennox.jpeg)

Sitting in an ex-warehouse space and looking onto a simple stage setting with only a blue curtain backdrop and a polished grand piano; the audience eagerly waits for Michael Griffiths’ cabaret show: Sweet Dreams: Songs by Annie Lennox to start.  As the lights begin to dim for the show, silence and slight darkness surrounds the warehouse…the only sound that can be heard is the sound of a person’s footsteps and the only visible sight is the silhouette of Michael.  As Michael takes his seat at the piano and as soon as the first piano key is played, the warehouse space lights up and comes back to life as Michael fills the silence with his incredible vocals in the energised opening number: Missionary Man. Continue reading “Michael Griffiths – Sweet Dreams: Songs by Annie Lennox. Melbourne Cabaret Festival 2013 (4/7/2013)”

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