Carlo Ritchie: Cooking for No One @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival (21/04/2017)

Articulately clever. Enchantingly witty. Overwhelmingly charming.

(Picture from

Best known as the whimsically talented moustache half of the acclaimed and much loved improv duo The Bear Pack, New Englander gamer, linguist and comedian Carlo Ritchie cooks up a comedic storm with his highly anticipated solo debut Cooking For No One at the 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

The hilariously eloquent and ever suave gentleman, Carlo retells a series of quirky anecdotic misadventures, questionable decisions and random historic facts through his sharp wits and passion for words and language. From being the hopeless romantic protagonist in his own real life rom-com ­– flying across the world for love twice, hitchhiking in Finland and New England’s plan to become separate from NSW; to working for a highly questionable sheep herder with a passion for knives, a prolonged but acceptable Finnish silence and a soliloquy from an officer on-board the Titanic, Carlo flawlessly serves up an appetisingly captivating 60 minutes course of sophisticated humour (with a hint of self-deprecation). While each tale seems unrelated at first, by the end of the show, Carlo effortlessly untangles his ball of storytelling yarn and weave them into a perfectly intertwined, coherent and chuckle-filled narrative.

Brilliantly written, charmingly crafted and perhaps storytelling at its best, Carlo delivers a beautiful performance both enchantingly thought provoking and stomach tickling (or wherever it is you feel most ticklish) funny. As his solo debut, Carlo has exceeded all expectations and I have nothing but great excitement and anticipation for his next solo show – Carlo Ritchie is truly a humorous storyteller and definite a solo comedic force to be reckoned with.

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