Steen Raskopoulos: The Coolest Kid in Competitive Chess @ Melbourne Comedy Festival (14/04/2017)

Ingenious, The Crown Prince of Improv and Sketch Comedy is Back and We’re Not Worthy

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It’s mind-boggling how extraordinary Steen Raskopoulos’ ingenious mind works but one thing is for sure, he is by far one of the most unique, stupendously talented and imaginative comedians there is to grace the comedy scene. After his critically acclaimed show last year, Steen once again brings his vivid imagination (or could it be his multiple personalities? We’ll never know) alive with the stellar new show titled The Coolest Kid in Competitive Chess to the 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Steen is truly in his element when it comes to improv and sketch comedy and The Coolest Kid in Competitive Chess reflects this perfectly.  For a show like his, it is best not to reveal too much so audiences can enjoy the show to the fullest. What can be said is that the show involves a great variety of unique and innovative characters, with some returning from previous shows like our beloved Timmy. His brilliantly written sketches span from an odd driving instructor, horses and interpretative dancing to onions, street fundraisers and of course, an intense chess match.  Steen delivers a jam-packed amount of sketches into a tight 60 minutes show, switching between each seemingly unrelated sketches and characters seamlessly but by the end, surprises his audience with an overall, well layered, coherent storyline.

It is his outstanding level of calm, confidence and dynamic energy which oozes out and fills the entire room that often puts his audience at ease…well, at least until everyone realises that a vital part of his show is audience participation. Don’t worry, Steen is one of the warmest and nicest guys out there and everything he does comes from the heart and with love.  A true gentleman, he would never humiliate any of his audience members or make anyone do anything he himself don’t feel comfortable doing.  His sketches are all about having fun and enjoying yourselves so if you get asked to help complete his sketch, go with it. Have fun, let loose, let your imagination and your creativity run wild. I guarantee that Steen will have you laughing in stitches throughout the show and it’ll be one of the best nights of your lives.

There’s no exaggeration when I say Steen is a true master of his craft. His improv is immaculate, his sketches are spot on with exhilaratingly humour, ticks all the comedic boxes and like a chameleon, he is skillfully adept to adapt even if things don’t go according to plan; there’s not a dry eye in the room as he leaves his audiences crying with laughter and gasping for air from chortles.

Steen never cease to amaze me with the ridiculously remarkable mind and the incredibly innovative and hilarious ideas he thinks of.  It is his out of the box thinking that really puts him in the masterclass comedy map. His passion and whimsically witty work is truly commendable and I have nothing but love and respect for him and all his hardwork – I tip my hat to you good sir (I don’t have or own a hat….but you get my drift)

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