Wil Anderson: Critically Wil @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival (12/04/2017)

Critically Sublime. Supremely Hilarious. Marvellously Thought Provoking.

(Photo from http://comedy.com.au/tour/wil-anderson-critically-wil)

There’s an indescribable delightfulness in seeing seasoned comedians continue to surpass themselves and evolve as a performer — 43 year old comedy legend Wil Anderson is one of those rare gems. In the last four years I’ve attended his shows, Wil has unremittingly and consistently grown, continuously refining and polishing his crafts as the captivatingly engaging, soothingly crisp, sharply witty and intellectually thought-provoking comic that he is in the world of standup.

For the 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Wil whips up perhaps his biggest comedy storm yet with his brand new show Critically Wil, once again redefining the meaning of superlative comedy and demonstrating why he really is one of the greatest.

Wil does not hold back as he constructively critiques the seemingly grim world and bleak society we live in today. From the deteriorating discipline of newspaper journalism, American healthcare system and the POTUS election; to climate change, the debatable phrase “mother’s know best” (Don’t get him wrong, Wil loves his mother but when it comes to medical advice, his or any mothers do not know best), anti-vaxxers, naturopaths and the problem with the current human race and our reliance as well as acceptance on any spoon-fed surface-deep information and “facts” without the desire to investigate or research deeper (to prove his point, Wil incorporates both cold hard facts and exaggerated made up lies throughout the show).

Wil ingeniously unmasks the world and bursts our bubble of denial and comfort through quick fire rounds of brilliantly written anecdotes and observations on society, each filled with an abundance of his trademarked witty remarks, sophisticated, thought provoking humour and an overloading amount of passion (so much passion that at one point he actually breaks one of the mic stands)

As always, a Wil Anderson show would not be whole without a quick update on his health and in this episode, his Osteoarthritis hips takes a seat on the bench while the lump on his neck gets a turn on the spotlight. Through exhilaratingly funny signature self-deprecating anecdotes of his misadventures at the doctors, we get an insight on what happens at a CAT scan, specifically, what happens when Wil meets a CAT scan. Needless to say, hilarity ensues.

As my fifth year attending Wil’s solo show, I can honestly say Critically Wil is easily his finest masterpiece. His punchlines are effortlessly punching harder than ever before, leaving audiences breathless from giggles, chuckles, chortles and full blown laughter throughout. Knowing him as one of those rare veteran comedian who will continue to exceed himself, it is safe to say that like the delicious taste of aging fine wine…or perfectly brewed beer, depending on your alcoholic preference, Wil’s routine, punchline and delivery will continue to excel, refine and mature even further as time goes by.

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