Dave Thornton: Onwards & Upwards @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival (12/04/2017)

Mischievously Funny. Comedic Ninja

(Photo from http://comedy.com.au/tour/dave-thornton-onwards-upwards)

As one of the most recognised voices on Australian breakfast radio and well known faces on television, the much loved, mischievously funny, tall and handsomely lanky human Dave “Thorno” Thornton brings his new high energy show aptly titled Onwards and Upwards to the 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Known for his smooth and charming crowd work, Thorno wastes no time and launches himself into interacting with the audience right from the get go; throwing cheeky, sharply witty zingers left, right and centre like the master comedic ninja he is (that’s a thing right? Right.)

Just as powerful as his zingers, Thorno’s materials are just as strong; covering a range of topics from his six month old daughter, becoming a new dad, making a will and his partner’s labour; to using his basketball referee as his venting outlet to the bottled up day-to-day frustrations of every day adulting life as well as middle aged drunk mother audience encounters, Thorno leaves no stone unturned, delivering anecdotes and punchlines with hilarity-filled punches; each blow funnier than the last.

Judging from his impeccably executed show, Thorno is indeed,as the show title suggests, moving onwards and upwards in his comedic career as well as his adulting life. Onwards & Upwards is a cleverly cheeky and witty show that will leave audiences laughing till their jaws ache and nod in agreement: Yes Thorno. Young 20 something year old basketballers are indeed way too up themselves sometimes.

For all things Dave Thornton, head to:

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/davethorntoncomedy/
Twitter- @dave_thorno


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