Tommy Little: Good Talk @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival (11/04/2017)

The Weapon is back and really hitting the mark


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Fast becoming one of Australia’s most recognised faces on television, and undoubtedly one of Melbourne’s most popular and loved comedians, the absurdly witty and charismatically loveable weapon Tommy Little is back for the 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival with his new show Good Talk.

Let’s not lie, we’ve all anticipated and wondered what’s been happening since we last saw the weapon. Lucky for us, Tommy has put condensed everything into a jam-packed 60 minutes of  “Little update” and he’s ready to share and overshare to hundreds of his audience members – From his holiday Spain and the discovery of its sexy accent and language, confession of being easily frightened, dirty talk in the bedroom, sex, being “Triple T” and getting overly emotional at a friend’s wedding; to his drunken friend’s late night misadventures at his apartment in Fitzroy and boxing with a well-known TV trainer, Tommy does not hold back in revealing some of the most intimate and personal moments of his life.

As anticipated, Tommy once again flawlessly delivers his impeccably structured self-deprecating anecdotes. With his ninja-skill wits and hilariously, at times uncomforably detailed storytelling, Tommy effortlessly nails each of his punchlines; hitting the audiences right where it hurts with laughter the most.

Tommy is consistently delighting and surprising his audiences with each show he brings to the festival and his new show Good Talk is undoubtedly his most sublimely hilarious work yet.

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