Luke McGregor: Almost Fixed It @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival (09/04/2017)

The Prince of Awkwardly Funny is back!

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The prince of awkwardly funny and wittily adorable Luke McGregor has really kept himself busy over the last few years. With two extremely successes on the ABC: six part comedy documentary aptly titled Luke Warm Sex and the hilariously brilliant comedy series Rosehaven, it’s no wonder it’s been three years since we last saw him on the comedy stage. Needlessly to say we’ve missed him and we’re glad he’s come back with a bang!

His new show titled Almost Fixed It has been warmly welcomed by comedy goers and it’s perhaps one of the most popular at the 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival – considering it’s sold out and he’s had to add an extra show due to popular demand.

There’s no shortage of his signature highly self-criticising self-deprecating anecdotes with Almost Fixed It being almost like an update on what’s been happening with Luke since we last saw him – a new girlfriend, regular sex *high fives* and his fear of a chair facing him when he sleeps (because ghosts, duh! – I feel ya!) but he also touches on topics of racism and takes a jab at Pauline Hanson.

Nothing has changed in terms of Luke anxious, quirky and oh-so-loveable persona but what has been great to see is his confidence and cohesiveness. His wittiness is sharper than ever and delivery of punchlines are even more seamless in timing. What’s also refreshing to see is Luke stepping out of his comfort zone and discusses topics he hasn’t done before like touching on racism and politics, which with a bit more time (like a good bottle of wine) it’ll become even more refined and polished.

Almost Fixed It is a fun and hilariously written show delivered by one of the most awkwardly funny and adorable comedians out there. It’s a show that’s definitely putting Luke McGregor right back in the centre of the comedy map. Ladies and gentlemen, it is GOOD to have Luke back!

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