Daniel Sloss: So? @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival ‬(09/04/2017)

Darkishly Witty. Narcissistically Charming.

(Photo from: http://www.aberdeenperformingarts.com/events/daniel-sloss-so)

There’s something irresistibly charismatic and captivatingly alluring about self described narcissistic arsehole Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss. Perhaps it’s his darkishly witty and thought provoking humour; or his “I don’t give a fuck what you think” persona or just the fact that deep down, we as an audience actually like to be lightly offended. Whatever it might be, the Melbourne comedy scene loves him and judging by the sold out shows, we simply can’t get enough of him.

With an incredible run of Dark last year, Sloss graces our stage again with his new show titled So? at the 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. So? revolves around the societal pressure and expectations of forming and staying in relationships but also covers a wide range of topics including the unexplainable joys of seeing the misfortune of others (especially children), religion, hippies and vegans; Sloss leaves no stone unturned – to the point where he even takes a jab at art critics and reviewers. To be fair he’s got some very strong points like how they don’t earn as much as he does – well fuck I don’t even get paid to do this…so he’s definitely got me there

His anecdotes are seamlessly structured, his punchlines and gags are slick and impeccably timed. He’s not afraid to offend everyone and anyone; and even if you did get offended, you’ll find that you’ll love him anyway. He’s probably one of the very few people who can make you laugh like there’s no tomorrow, fall head over heels for him AND want to punch him in the balls all at the same time.

Sloss is incredibly witty and charming; his new show So? will constantly and continuously make you laugh till your ribs hurt and possibly appendix explode.

At just the age of 26, Sloss has already established a thought provoking, intelligently dark and witty humour beyond his years. There’s no doubt that his work will continue to surpass, refine and mature for the many more years to come.

For all things Daniel Sloss, head to: 

Website: http://danielsloss.com/
Twitter: @Daniel_Sloss


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