Josh Earl: Josh Earl’s Festival @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival ‬(09/04/2017)

Incredibly joyous, theatrically entertaining

(Picture from

One of the best musical comedy acts in Melbourne, Josh Earl once again hit all the right notes with his new show Josh Earl’s Festival (with Daniel Tobias) at the 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

A refreshing and energy-packed theatrical showcase, Josh and Daniel explores a festival patron’s misfortune-filled day at a music festival through the use of brilliantly structured sketches with hilariously written scripts, cleverly written original songs and a quirky, uncomfortably entertaining interpretive dance.

Everything goes wrong for this fictional patron (played by Josh) – from long queues, ridiculous and illogical drink token rules; to mobile phones going flat, eccentric performers and being forced to interact with obnoxious festival know-it-alls, Josh Earl’s festival brings a lot of familiarity to his audience with the all too common annoying experiences we’ve all faced at festivals at one (or more) points in our lives.
Josh Earl’s Festival is a 60mins show jam-packed with nostalgia, fun, entertainment and a whole of hilarious quirkiness. It’s show that’ll bring a smile to audiences faces and at the end you’ll be covered in confetti, balloons and possibly bubbles of joy…A great theatrical experience and probably Josh’s best show yet.

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