Dilruk Jayasinha: The Art of the Dil @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017 (02/04/2017)

Exceeding expectations, Dil is flying up the comedy scene

(Picture from http://comedy.com.au/tour/dilruk-jayasinha-art-dil)

As one of the festival’s favourites last year and having had plenty of sold out shows along with some rave reviews under his belt, there’s not doubt that there is certain pressure and expectations for the lovable and charmingly witty Dilruk Jayasinha to perform well. Expect and you shall receive – The Art of Dil, his 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival show certainly delivers and surpasses all expectation with flying colours.ย 

Despite what his show title suggest (if you haven’t noticed yet, it’s a play on words on Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal”), Dil’s new show has very little to nothing to do with the current POTUS (although there is mentions of him here and there). The show instead focuses on fears, phobias and weaknesses.

Using his sharp wits, Dil explores a range of topics through his own self-deprecating and hilariously written anecdotes. From his upbringing with a Buddhist father and a Muslim mother to touching on the subject of homophobia and Islamophobia, Dil treads brilliantly (but carefully) on the sensitive subjects.

Dil is definitely maturing in the right direction as a comic and it’s brilliant to see his work getting more and more refined and polished; and him feeling more comfortable and confident in exploring more current issues and political affairs. But don’t worry, he hasn’t moved on from stories of defecating himself or dick jokes

The Art of the Dil is the perfect choice for an evening of non stop laughs. Don’t miss out.

For all things Dilruk Jayasinha, head to:ย 


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