Des Bishop: Grey Matters @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival (08/04/2017)

Three years wait, totally worth it

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It’s been three years since ridiculously dapper and funny man Irish American comedian Des Bishop was in the Melbourne comedy scene and boy are we glad he’s back! Des brings his new show Grey Matters to the 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival and he’s ready to rip our funny bones apart.

This year his show focuses on life after reaching 40s and all the 40 year old societal expectations/goals he hasn’t accomplished including marriage and children. He brilliantly rants on all the things wrong with modern parenting before taking us through time; back to the days of young Des, his fear and love for his mother before switching to dating before mobile phones or tinder and finishing off on a high note with erectile dysfunction

As an experienced comedian, Des is no stranger to executing his show seamlessly and as expected, delivers his hilariously written anecdotes with flair, charm and all things in between. His punchlines are fast and hard, continuously hitting audiences left, right and center; leaving them completely exhausted from laughter.
It’s always a pleasure to see Des back in Melbourne and his show is high energy and a lot of disgustingly hilarious fun. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another three years before he comes back again

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