Tommy Little & Gossling: Hilarity and Heartbreak @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival (02/04/2017)

An unexpectedly delightful partnership, a collaboration like you’ve never seen before.

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Many might think that putting a self-described dickhead and a divine songstress together for the 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival would end in train wreck…and to be completely honest, when I first heard of this collaboration, I was a little bit wary of what/how the show would transpire since Tommy Little and Helen Croome (Gossling) are two very different but equally talented performers from very different spectrums of performing arts – almost like the Ying and Yang of the performing arts industry…

Well, I have never been more delighted and happy to be wrong! Tommy and Gossling has proven to all the doubters out there (including myself – Quilty. So sorry) that like the genius behind combining bacon and maple syrup, Tommy and Gossling’s seemingly impossible partnership has, in fact, worked out perfectly – it’s a match made in heaven.

Their aptly titled show Tommy Little & Gossling: Hilarity and Heartbreak is all about love, relationships and the terrible heartaches it causes when it all goes wrong, but hilarity ensues as they are viewed under comedic lenses. The show is seaminglessly executed and perfectly balanced with Tommy’s sharp, self-depracating wit, along with the hauntingly beautiful vocals and harmonies of Gossling in her soulful original and cover tunes.

Tommy Little & Gossling: Hilarity and Heartbreak not only made laughter, chuckles and giggles echoe throughout the Famous Spiegeltent at The Melbourne Arts Centre, but it also touches the heart of many and fills the air with love and gut wrenching emotions. This show is an absolutely unique experience – it is as pure as Gossling’s beautiful vocals and as “tainted” as Tommy’s outrageously and dick jokingly hilarious outlook on life.
The show has finished it’s run (for now) but if they ever collaborate again (please do!), be sure to check them out!

For all things Tommy Little head to:

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Twitter – @Tommy_little

For all things Gossling head to:

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