Sammy J: Hero Complex @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017 (01/04/2017) 

A Series of Unfortunate Events…or is it?

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One of the most beloved household name in the world of comedy, the definition of master storyteller, the ridiculously and intelligently hilarious and all round musically talented skinny man Sammy J showcases his latest solo show Hero Complex at the 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Hopefully not giving too much away (this show is probably best enjoyed without knowing too much about the show), Hero Complex revolves around the theme of how small the world really is. It tells the tale of a young fanboy Sammy J’s coming of age which involves all time under-appreciated purple superhero (no, not Randy…although there seems to be an underlining obsession with purple perhaps?) — The Phantom. With his witty charisma and the use of projection, DIY props, his trusty keyboard and brilliantly written songs, Sammy J delivers self-deprecating and nonstop laugh-out-loud anecdotes impeccably with high abundance of energy and pizzazz resulting in what could only be described as the work of a musical comedy genius.

Jam-packed with cleverly written hilarity, Sammy J’s Hero Complex is by far one of the most carefully thought out and brilliant comedy shows there is at the 2017 MICF and definitely a must see. Sammy J will have you laugh out loud from start to finish; your cheeks and jaws will hurt from giggling, chuckling and laughing all night long.

For all things Sammy J, head to:



Twitter@SammyJ_Comedian : yet to send his 1st tweet (tweet got confiscated at the airport…)


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