Justin Hamilton: Bunta Boy @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017 (01/04/2017)

Hammo, he’s done it again.

(Photo from: http://comedy.com.au/tour/justin-hamilton-bunta-boy)

There’s nothing like starting the 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival with a seasoned comedian like Justin Hamilton.

With his ever-so-clever written interwoven anecdotes, his new show Bunta Boy is all about self awareness and personal growth, stemming and learning from events and experiences of the past.

As always, Hammo engages his audience right from the get go. He first gives a quick Hammo health update; complete with an overly graphic description of him “giving birth” to his kidney stones, before filling the air with hilarious and self-deprecating nostalgia as he passionately reminisced and took us back to the 90s; back to when video tapes was a thing and back when a 20-something year old Hammo and his partner in crime Damien Kilsby began their career as the musical comedy duo: The Bunta Boys. This trip down memory lane had everything: from clown punk band to exploding meat, Hammo left no stone unturned; and to my absolute delight (and slight surprise), Hammo even belted out some of the best hits from his Bunta Boys glory days!

Bunta Boy is a beautifully structured, sentimentally witty show that reminds audience that it is important to have fun when you’re young but also equally important to reminisce and learn from the experiences of the past. Bunta Boys is a must see and perhaps Hammo’s best show yet. Don’t miss out! A very limited season at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival!

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