Steen Raskopoulos: You Know The Drill @Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016 (13/04/2016)

Prince of Improvisation, Sketch Comedy Genius


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Steen is by far one of the most charming and gifted comedians to grace our comedy scene. He has an incredible natural talent of being the master of disguise through carefully crafted characters (minimal props/costumes), coupled with cleverly written sketches and top notch improvisation through audience participation. Steen’s comedic timings are impeccable and his ability to switch between each character and sketch so flawlessly that throughout the show, audiences often forget that this is a one man show.

Without giving too much spoilers, in You Know The Drill we are introduced to not only some new characters including an encouraging drill sergeant, a self-doubting surgeon, a witch and an overly enthusiastic educational lecturer amongst many others but we also get to revisit some familiar faces including Little Timmy and the ever so funny Greek Orthodox priest/movie reviewer Yianni Kostopopoulos.  At first glance, none of Steen’s sketches seems related at all but by the end of the show, Steen would have seamlessly connected all the dots and intertwined his sketches together.

One of the best things about Steen is that it all comes from the heart and love; it is all about having fun and nothing mean or humiliating.  With a spontaneous and wonderful stage presence, his approach towards his sketch and his audience is always warm and inviting, often reassuring his audience that he would never ask them to do anything he himself doesn’t feel comfortable doing.  Since a large part of his show is reliant on audience participation, it is safe that say that no one show of You Know The Drill will be the same because although the sketches themselves in You Know The Drill don’t change throughout the festival, there’s always an uncertainty as to what could happen in a sketch as it will be dependent on how the audience interacts with Steen. What can be sure is that no matter how the audience participation goes (of course, the more loose and fun it is, the better), Steen will have his You Know The Drill audience in stitches throughout the show.

You Know The Drill is by far Steen’s best work yet. With four amazing sketch comedy solo shows already under his belt, who knows what incredibly funny sketches will this sketch comedy genius think of next.

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