Josh Earl: Josh Earl is Over/Under @Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016 (14/04/2016)

Musical comedy at its best.


(photo from

There’s no doubt that Josh Earl is a household name for musical comedy; with nine successful solo shows already under his belt, Josh brings his 10th solo show Josh Earl is Over/Under to the 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival…and this may be his best one yet!

With his signature small sized guitar, Earl showcase his wittiness with cleverly written original songs, accompanied with a couple of visual aids including slides and a Love Actually-esque storyboard

Covering a diverse range of topics; from flying a kite with his sons, getting them to go to sleep, a giant poo and a disastrous teenage party with his teenage crush; to a game of over- or under-rated, his insecurities towards his own manliness (especially when around tradies) and the music style of Bob Dylan; Earl has his audience right in the palm of his hand as they chuckled and laughed throughout the show.

Earl is an expert at not only combining music with comedy but his delivery of punchlines are impeccable. If his previous shows haven’t already shown his natural talent, Josh Earl is Over/Under certainly will.

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