Tommy Little: Dickhead @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016 (12/04/2016)

The Most Loveable Dickhead Around.

(photo from

Known for his self-deprecating witty charm (and dimpled smile), the middleclass weapon Tommy Little is back for the 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival with what could be his best work yet. The show, aptly titled Dickhead, is all about the little things that Little has done or has happened to him in the past year that makes him a bit of a dickhead…but the most charming and loveable one nonetheless.  It’s like catching up with your dickheadedness-prone friend, you’ll often be completely speechless at the crap that he gets up to, laugh uncontrollably at his dickheadedness while still loving him even so.

Little effortlessly brings together an insightfully witty self-deprecating collection of stories as he contends to his audience that he’s been quite a dickhead recently; from  the discovery of and attempt to order from a “secret menu” in a Chinese restaurant (I think he’s onto us!), living by himself, the sad reality of shopping and cooking for one, the infectiousness of Jamie Oliver, learning the hard way what it means to play hide-and-seek with his niece and the shame that comes from pushing a door that says pull; to “quitting” on his own terms his first full time job after being fired from all his other jobs previously and finding out how incompatible he is with meditation health retreats.

There’s always something delightfully wonderful about going to see Tommy Little. He’s not only extremely engaging with his audience, but he is also a master craftsman of comedy. Dickhead, despite it being a complete poking fun of Little himself; is a brilliantly written piece of comedy, with each story carefully selected and constructed in a way that they interlock and flow perfectly into each other.

Dickhead promises to be one of the best nights you will ever have. Little will leave you completely under his middleclass weapon dickhead spell.

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