Alex Edelman: Everything Handed To You @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016 (12/04/2016)

First-Class Material. Comedy Superstar in the Making

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After a successful run of his award winning first solo show Millennial last year, New York based, Boston raised comedian Alex Edelman is back at the 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival with his second solo show titled Everything Handed To You. 

The charismatically witty and master storyteller Edelman exceeds himself and brings together one of the most refined and brilliantly written show filled with sophisticatedly hilarious collection of personal anecdotes that leaves his audience constantly out of breath laughing and wanting more.

Everything Handed To You sees Edelman opening up more about his life, covering topics from his love of being an American (so long as he doesn’t see other Americans), his two brothers (bodybuilding twin and comedian-in-the-making younger brother) and his various encounters at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport; to his new age orthodox Jewish upbringing, his first Christmas celebration at the family garage, performing comedy at Estonia, being mistaken by an audience member as autistic and also his new found relationship.

His natural talent for fast paced storytelling is evident as he executes his materials seamlessly and effortlessly jumps from one witty and polished anecdote to another, leaving his audience exploding with laughter throughout.

Alex Edelman is rapidly becoming and securing his position as one of the most popular new age comedians in the Melbourne comedy scene and there’s no doubt in my mind that at the rate he’s going: exceeding all expectations and topping his previous show, he’s definitely a comedy superstar in the making.

If a polished and sophisticated humour that’ll guarantee you laughing from start to finish is what you are after, then Alex Edelman’s Everything Handed To You is a must see.

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