Sara Pascoe: Animal @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016 (24/03/2016)

Wonderfully Whimsical and Witty

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You know how there’s always one comedian that you hear everyone rave about; that one comedian that your frequent-comedy-going-super-knowledgeable friends continuously nag you to go throughout the comedy festival? That one comedian who you didn’t end up seeing because you ran out of time and you end up sulking about it for a whole year? That one comedian where as soon as you find out they’re back for the 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival with a new show you jump at the chance to see them? Well, the wonderfully whimsical and witty UK based comedian Sara Pascoe was that one comedian that I missed out on last year and so this year, I was more determined than ever to make sure I don’t miss her show (ok, I may have exaggerated the duration of sulking…but you get the idea…I was devastated).

Pascoe’s new show Animal has everything that a comedy goer can ask for. Brilliantly written with charm, intelligent sense of humour and top-quality storytelling, Pascoe covers a wide range of topics from murderous looking Uber drivers and shaving your body; to drag queens, wanting to become the next Prime Minister for England and the notion of being a good person through the use of personal anecdotes.

Not only has Pascoe written a top-notch show but Pascoe perfectly executes and delivers each of her stories with impeccable timing on all her punch-lines. There was not a moment in the Melbourne Town Hall Powder Room that I could remember where the room was not consistently filled with snickering and out-of-breath laughter.

Everything about Pascoe’s show is wonderful but the one thing that makes her one of the favourites of the festival and overall the comedy scene is her ability to weave very serious, important and relevant issues such as gender equality and self esteem into her stories without making any audience members too uncomfortable.

A clever and humorous show written by an amazingly talented comedian, what more can you ask for? Sara Pascoe will always be a must see when it comes to comedy.

For all things Sara Pascoe related, head to: 

Twitter: @sarapascoe


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