Justin Hamilton: Hoot @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016 (02/04/2016)

Brilliantly Written, Charmingly Witty and Full of Emotions

(photo from http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2016/season/shows/hoot-justin-hamilton)

The 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival meant another highly anticipated new show from comedy veteran Justin Hamilton; and surely enough, his new show Hoot does not disappoint. 

Cleverly written with humorous personal anecdotes interwoven impeccably one after the other, Hammo engages his audience from start to finish with his witty charisma and brilliant storytelling. This was a more personal show than previous as he covers a diverse variety of personal topics; ranging from reminiscence of his childhood; his mum’s antics (she’s very cool and hip); to his move from Melbourne to Sydney, the struggles of depression; the over-reliance and obsession of social media and the loss of a music legend. This is the first time (or at least I think it is) that audience are able to see a slightly vulnerable side of Hammo.

Although some of the topics covered leans more towards a serious/darker side, It is important to remember that sometimes comedy comes out from the darkest places (it’s almost like a glass is half empty/half full situation in that the comedy is there in those dark or serious moments; but it’s up to the person to choose to see it or to see only the dark/serious side).  We’re lucky that Hammo sees both sides.  As an extremely talented comedy craftsman, Hammo is able to combine serious topics with hilarious anecdotes (sometimes self-deprecating) brilliantly and seamlessly; more often than not resulting in many golden comedic moments for the show.

Hoot is a show that’ll leave a smile on a face. This is a show that is not only over the moon funny – yes, it’ll make you laugh till tears fall down your cheeks; but it is also a show full of sentiments and memories as well as a big tribute/salute to David Bowie (one of the greatest man known to Earth) – this is a show that will make you reminisce and may get you teary at the end.

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