Dilruk Jayasinha: Sri Wanka @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016 (09/04/2016)

Infectiously Funny, Joyfully Charming

(photo from http://comedy.com.au/tour/dilruk-jayasinha)

The guy with one of the most  infectious and most recognisable laughter; the guy who The Little Dum Dum Club picks on; the guy whose kind face in previous Comedy Festival years have given your eye balls a hug is back for the 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival with a brand new show titled Sri Wanka. 

The warm, joyful, charming and ever so funny Dilruk Jayasinha puts together a collection of personal and highly self deprecating anecdotes on what has been happening in his life in the past year.  From defecating himself in public, music festival portaloo poo horror (I think I see a theme…); to almost exposing himself, taking up a weight loss challenge, suit fittings, his brother’s wedding and getting ridiculously drunk, there were no stones left unturned.

Going to see Dil in Sri Wanka is like catching up with one of those old friends (we don’t like to admit it but we all have a few of them) who you know is always up to some dumb sh*t and they are a magnet to the most unexplainable bizarre mishaps but you still love them nonetheless. What I love most about Dil is that he laughs just as hard at his own mishaps throughout the show (which is normally not something a comedian would do but it works so well for him) you don’t have to feel bad laughing at with him.

Dil is extremely skilful in his comedy craft. Every story he delivers is executed perfectly and the timing for all his punch-lines are impeccable. Sri Wanka is probably one of Dil’s best works so far and having had successful runs in his previous shows already and this year most of his shows being sold out shows, there is no doubt that Dilruk Jayasinha is definitely a comedy force to be reckoned with.

For all thing Dilruk related, head to:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/DilrukJComedian/
Twitter – @Dilrukj
Instagram – dilrukj


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