Alex Edelman: Millennial @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2015 (4/4/2015) 

Overflowing charisma, sophisticated humour with a hint of  awkward adorableness.

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One of the best things about Melbourne International Comedy Festival is the opportunity to discover new favorites; and Boston native, New York  based comedian Alex Edelman is definitely one who’ll be on my permanent list of must sees. Winner of the Foster’s Comedy Award in Edinburgh for Best Newcomer, Alex makes his Australian debut with his award winning one hour show: Millennial. 

At just age 25, Alex is already causing a storm in the comedy scene. It’s a rare quality to see in a “newcomer”, but he already has the professionalism and stage presence of a comedian who’s been in the business for many years. He has the natural talent for fast paced story telling and the ability to flawlessly and effortlessly flow from one witty and well crafted anecdote to another; all with just the use of his overflowing charisma and sophisticated humour, with a hint of subtle awkward adorableness that you just can’t help but fall head over heels for.

As the title of his show suggests,  Millennial is a show in which Alex covers a range of topics in which most Generation Y would find fairly relatable. Having said that, it was evident when I attended his show that Alex has an unexplainable, incredible ability (some might even say superpower? No? It’s just me that’s saying that? Ok…) to make his materials work for and engage his audiences of all ages and backgrounds. 
From making it a tradition to “coming out” to his family every Thanksgiving, his Jewish background, his oh-so-useful philosophy degree, university debts and super exciting graduation, his unconditional support and enthusiasm for Obama during his election; to his job at a fast food chain, his argument with a cupcake employee over a glass of water, he nails every part of his materials and leaves his audience constantly giggling, chuckling and/or laughing out loud in all its glory.
Alex is a comedic force to be reckoned with. It’s safe to say that he’s definitely one of the many new generation of comedians to look out for. With such a brilliant show as a debut, who knows what he might come up with in the future. 
If it’s a sophisticated, well crafted, cleverly thought out, insightful but absolutely hilarious 60 minutes that you’re after, then Alex Edelman’s Millennial is one not to be missed. 

For his touring details, head to: 

Twitter: @Alex_Edelman




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