Wil Anderson: Free Wil @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2015 REVIEW (11/04/2015)

The Definition of a Refined Master Comedy Craftsman

(photo from: http://comedy.com.au/tour/free-wil)

Wil Anderson has always been one of my absolute favourite comedy legends and has a permanent place on my list of “must sees” every year during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. This year, like every other year, he has not disappointed (he never does to be honest) and delivers what I believe to be his best one yet.  With that said and for those who have read my previous posts about his shows…every year he exceeds well beyond his previous self and so I’m once again left with the difficulty of finding the right words to reflect his brilliance.

Marking his 20th year at MICF, Wil brings to Melbourne: Free Wil; a refined, top-notch 70 minutes show on the journey and meaning of life (actually, the show could be longer…it all depends on how many brilliantly improvised and unscripted chatters he decides to have with his audience.  The one I went ended up being 85 minutes or more I think; and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way, love watching him figuratively destroy the stage longer than scheduled).

I’ve been asked quite often why Wil is one of my favourite comedians and why I will always find time to write something positive about his shows. There are a number of reasons for why he captivates me to see him every year during MICF.  Firstly, there is his ability to skilfully cover a diverse range of topics through personal anecdotes and insights; delivering them wholeheartedly with his overflowing charisma, sophisticated humour and crisp wittiness.  While the topics or stories will almost always at first seemingly have little to no relations to one and other, he has this incredible talent to seamlessly connect them all by the end of his show.  Secondly, he has an unquestionable enthusiasm towards his work and an undeniable genuine passion towards the topics he discusses which I have nothing but complete respect and admiration for.

This year, we see another small shift away from previous approach to his shows; there were slightly less dick jokes, but enough for us to know it’s still the same Wil we know and love.  So with less dick jokes, what exactly does Free Wil entail?  Without giving away too much and spoiling the fun that is Free Wil, what I can say is from fitness obsession and going to the gym, his potentials in controlling birds with his mind, his life in LA and Doctor Who; to quantum physics, multi-universes, life, death, racism, homophobia, sexism and feminism; there were no stones left unturned and no funny bone un-tickled.  While some of the topics were more on a serious side, throughout the show, Wil is able to constantly and consistently make his audience laugh continuously and uncontrollably but at the same time, contemplate and ponder over the underlying and important issues in society.

With Wil Anderson and his absolute comedy brilliance, there can never be a dull or quiet moment in his show where the theatre is not filled with echoes of loud laughter, endless giggles and/or just the sound of audiences gasping for air from laughing too much.

If it’s a master level of comedy, endless laughter and thought provoking show that you’re after, then Wil Anderson’s Free Wil is definitely the one for you. Free Wil is currently touring nationally across Australia.

For more info and all things Wil Anderson:
Website – http://www.wilanderson.com.au/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/officialwilanderson
Twitter – @Wil_Anderson
Tumblr – http://wherethewilthingsare.tumblr.com/

For all things TOFOP/FOFOP:
iTunes- https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/tofop/id381224765


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