Matt Okine: Happiness Not Included @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014 REVIEW (13/04/2014)

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Personal, Honest, Hilarious & Enthrallingly Engaging

To add to the impressive list of success already under his belt including sold out shows across Australia as well as London and Edinburgh; being invited to the Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival; nominated at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and now hosting the 6am breakfast show on Triple J, Matt Okine brings to the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, an all-new, hilarious and heartfelt one hour show: “Happiness Not Included”. 

As soon as Okine makes his way onto the stage with his electrifying enthusiasm and charm, you know you’re in for a good show. Okine connects with his audiences through casual friendly chats with a touch of banter; and once they’re all comfortable, without missing a beat, Okine fires a series of hilarious accounts, observations and endeavours on his life including life decisions and mistakes, leaving audiences constantly laughing throughout while having a few “aww” moments here and there.

From trivial matters of size 14 shoes shopping; the uselessness of being an expert in triple jump; share house living with a girlfriend who excessively uses cups; to more personal issues of quitting smoking; travels and culture differences between him and his relatives; the decision to abandon the potential of a professional AFL career and instead take up acting; studying bachelor of fine arts in acting and subsequently incurring a seemingly never ending HECs debt; his first pay-check from an acting job; the ups and downs of life with money as well as depression and anxiety, Okine doesn’t sugar coat anything and he leaves nothing untouched.

As his third solo show for the festival, Okine has raised the bar fairly high for his future shows. Happiness Not Included is honest, self-deprecating, hilarious and enthrallingly engaging. If that sounds like your cup of tea, make sure you go see it.

Happiness Not Included is currently running at the Swiss Club during the Melbourne Comedy Festival. For more info:

For all things Matt Okine head to:
Website –
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Twitter – @mattokine


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