Tommy Little: Middleclass Gangster @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014 REVIEW (12/04/2014)

Packed Full of Little Goodness: Wit, Charisma, Humility, Lovableness  

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There’s no doubt that Tommy Little is a great work juggler. In fact, he’s probably the perfect example of an expert multitask-er. In just the past 12 months, he has been seen and/or heard everywhere. From co-hosting and hosting TV shows This Week Live and A League of Their Own; to guest appearance spots on Time of Our Lives; and on top of all that, he wakes up on a daily basis at ungodly early hours for NOVA breakfast radio.  It seems this rising star has a lot on his plate, but despite this very full schedule, Little still manages to write and deliver an all new, finely crafted cohesive one hour show titled “Middleclass Gangster” to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Connecting and engaging the audience from the moment he announced himself on stage to the very end, Little shares with them his uncensored, embarrassing and personal life events as a newly transitioned middle-class. Through superb storytelling, side-splitting hilarious anecdotes, Little covers everything a young 29-year-old with an even younger heart would be concerned with. Topics including fat pets competitions, road rage, Broccolini, Osteopaths, Buckhunter arcade game, the pain of being single and living with a perfect lovey-dovey couple, meeting Claudia Karvan, the heavenly comfort of increased bed sheets thread counts; the etiquettes of photographing the male genitalia, the perfect time and duration of sending said photo via Snapchat, as well as answering the age-old question “Where did that red thing on your thighs come from when you go to the restroom?” are all covered within the 60-ish minutes frame.

Packed with a whole lot of “Little-ness”, in other words, a brain full of exceptional comedy gold, wittiness, a touch of cheekiness and a dash of goofiness; a wonderful friendly stage presence as well as overloading amounts of charisma, humility and lovableness, it is impossible for the audience to not be left laughing uncontrollably or their hearts to not be melted completely by Little.

If an unforgettable, fun and potentially one of the best nights for 2014 is what you’re after, then Tommy Little’s Middleclass Gangster is a MUST SEE.

NOTE: If you’re purchasing his merchandises after the show, just know that he knows about the mistake. He knows.

For all things Tommy Little head to:
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Twitter – @Tommy_little


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