Ronny Chieng: Chieng Reaction @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014 REVIEW (09/04/2014)

A Show that Leave Sore Face Muscles & Aching Jaws 

(photo from

From winning the 2012 Melbourne International Comedy Festival Best Newcomer, getting invited to to Montreal, having constant sold out shows across Australia, London and Edinburgh; to appearing on numerous TV shows including This is Littleton, It’s a Date and Legally Brown, Ronny Chieng has come a long way nationally and internationally in just five years into the comedy business.

To add to the already mentioned success, Chieng brings his brand new, well written show “Chieng Reaction” to the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Emphasising on his personal life and issues surrounding being an Asian immigrant living in Australia, Chieng leaves no stone unturned; from how to interact with women, etiquettes in dating, shopping trolleys, apples and oranges, annoying know-it-all under 25 year olds and Allle store employees; to Asian stereotypes, dealing with Asian parents: their perceptions and expectations as we as the concept of racism.

From high and low, from far and near and all parts of the topics spectrum, Chieng manages to touch on almost everything; and even though certain topics seem irrelevant to each other, and almost foreign, and distant to the audiences, being such a bright and brilliant mind, Chieng is able to eloquently connect all of them smoothly and flawlessly together while making them relatable in one way of another to most if not all his audiences.

Even if you’re not Asian, don’t have Asian parents or are not over 25, you’ll be able to relate to his stories and find yourselves laughing throughout to the point where your face muscles feel sore and numb.

If it’s a highly entertaining and carefully crafted show that you’re after, then Ronny Chieng’s Chieng Reaction is definitely one to watch.

For all things Ronny Chieng, head to the following:

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Twitter – @ronnychieng


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