Luke McGregor: I Worry That I Worry Too Much @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014 REVIEW (09/04/2014)

Awkwardly Witty Adorable

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Have you ever worried about something that you know it’s not important but you worry about it excessively anyway?ย And you worry about it to the point where you would perform multiple checks and other rituals just to make sure everything’s alright? It you’ve answered yes on both occasions or you just started worrying about your answer and everything else relating to it, then Luke McGregor’s all new show “I Worry That I Worry Too Much” is perfect for you.

After debuting AND winning the 2013 Melbourne International Comedy Festival New Comer award last year, Mcgregor has continued his awkward adorable persona (it’s not a persona, it’s actually him but switched on to supernova level) with a new, witty, crisp and cleverly written show based around his OCD behaviours, nightly murderer checks, his brain, his nervousness, dating app: Tinder mishaps, sweating issues, his sex life and fears associated with horror movies through the use of self-deprecating and embarrassing anecdotes.

It is impossible not to fall in love with this show. Not only is the show absolutely stomach achingly hilarious and surprising quite relatable, but what makes McGregor so lovable and unique is that he is very honest, has a wonderfully heart-warming and welcoming stage presence which makes audiences feel as though they’re listening to stories from a close quirky friend; you’ll laugh and giggle at his misfortunes and embarrassing moments, by the end of it all, you fall head over heels in love with his awkwardness and you feel like you just want to give him the biggest hugs possible

If you’re after an honest, genuine, heart-warming and funny-bone-breaking show, then Luke McGregor’s I Worry That I Worry Too Much is the number one show to see!

For all things Luke McGregor, visit:
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Twitter – @LukeWMcGregor


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