Tommy Dassalo: Dreamboat @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014 REVIEW (02/04/2014)

Falling Head-Over-Heels for this Fun, Light-hearted, Total Dreamboat 

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You’ve heard and loved him on the ever growing popular Podcast: The Little Dum Dum Club, you’ve seen his web series: Cheap Lunch and you’ve probably seen his live YouTube video of him eating a chicken sandwich, now, get ready to fall head-over-heels with one half of The Little Dum Dum Club hosts, the funny and total eye-candy Tommy Dassalo as he brings to the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival his new show: Dreamboat.

Located at a little intimate cosy hidden venue known as the Games Room in ACMI, Dassalo delivers a series of some of the most hilarious stories I’ve heard.  He covers a wide range of topics including experiences during his years in an all boys’ high school; reminiscence of the days when he didn’t have to worry about making underwear purchases; what to do in awkward wedding situations; injuries in supermarkets caused by a single (or a cluster/bunch) of grapes; how to completely own a douchebag on a long flight and a South East Asia trip with the girlfriend gone wrong just to name a few.  There’s also audience participation which involves sexy lingerie (provided by Dassalo) and an instruction manual as well as a little segment where he brilliantly proves that time travel is possible (won’t go any further with this, you’ll have to see Dreamboat to find out what’s in stored)

What makes Dassalo’s Dreamboat stand out from the rest and what makes him a great comedian is that he doesn’t necessarily follow and focus on political or news related issues like the others. Instead, he goes with topics that audience can probably relate more towards.  Some may see this as “basic” or “generic” but after everyday stress and all the negativity from news, politics and whatnot, this type of light-hearted entertainment is really what people need (at least it was in my case).

Although the ACMI Games Room may not necessarily be the ideal comedy room for the comedy set (not the performer’s fault), with pipes that links to the upstairs restrooms running across the top of the room and some sort of weird fence/cage infrastructure on the side of the benches, Dassalo just have this magical way of making all this work in his favour.   He incorporates all these seemingly negative traits of the room, turns them into hilarious observations and weaves them into part of his act, making audience feel much more comfortable and relaxed in the venue.

Throughout the one hour show, you’ll find yourself smiling, giggling and laughing but at the same time, finding a few stories relatable (maybe some a bit too relatable), learning a few grape facts, and having hopefully one of the best nights of the year.

If you’re after good quality comedy but you don’t have the patience for long lingering stories, then Dassalo is perfect for you.

Dreamboat is currently on at Games Room, ACMI for Melbourne International Comedy Festival. For more info, head to:

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Twitter- @dassalo

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