Justin Hamilton: Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994 @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014 REVIEW (02/04/2014)

You’ll Laugh, You’ll get Teary & You’ll Ponder about Life

(photo from http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2014/season/shows/johnny-loves-mary-forever-1994-justin-hamilton)

Marking his 20th anniversary in the field of comedy (anniversary is April 19 to be exact), The Shelf co-host and Podcast: Can You Take This Photo Please creator Justin Hamilton, better known as Hammo (or “a little hobo with less fleas and more haha”) brings a brand new show titled Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994 to the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. As one of the master craftsmen in comedy, Hammo delivers a brilliantly written, finely sculpted and tight one hour show in which the audiences are engaged from the beginning and right through to the very end (well, at least I was…).  As soon as the pre-show music fades into the background, Justin Hamilton appears from behind the curtains, and without missing a beat or any dawdling, he launches straight into his series of stories.

Through his superb writing skills and fine storytelling, Hammo delivers each story in a clever, witty manner; covering diverse range of topics including attempting to rescue a damsel in distress with a hot pie, a dinner party, abortion, why he would be a terrible dad and writings in wet cements as well as more personal anecdotes such as revisiting and reminiscing his childhood home and his experience in performing for the Australian troops.

All of these seem to be great topics but to most people, they all seem to be un-linkable.  However, the wonderful thing about Hammo which makes his show such an unique and enjoyable experience is that even though the topics and themes he discusses seem to be from completely different ends of a spectrum, Hammo has an incredible talent of cleverly connecting and weaving them perfectly together in a humourous, sophisticated and philosophical way in which you’ll find yourselves laughing uncontrollably, emotionally touched and at the same time, left contemplating and reflecting on things in life that you may not have thought about before.

If you fancy a show that’s funny, touching, intellectually stimulating and flawlessly executed, then Justin Hamilton’s Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994 is one NOT to be missed.

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