The Experiment – Alternative Comedy Show. Melbourne Fringe Festival. (20/9/2013)

The Experiment: Experience an evening like no other

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Tired of the same old ordinary live stand-up comedy gigs?  Looking for something different?   Ready to venture out of your dull comfort zones and watch something new, exciting and fun?  Well, look no further!  The 60 minutes alternative comedy show The Experiment is the perfect show for you!

As part of the 2013 Melbourne Fringe Festival, The Experiment is truly a comedy show like no other. Hosted by the very dapper Asher Treleaven; co-hosted by the talented Geraldine Hickey and the brilliant Oliver Clark; it also features a selection of the best comedians in Melbourne/Australia. Do I hear someone reading this and asking: “So far it sounds just like any other comedy gig, how can it possibly be any different to others?” Well, The Experiment, as suggested by its title, is indeed an experiment. It is an experiment to find out whether or not professional comedians are more entertaining than cute, adorable small dogs. “Wait, what? Did you say small dogs?” Yes, you read correctly: SMALL DOGS. The Experiment is not only going to be a show packed with hilariously entertaining, the good kind of weird and the right amount of awkward materials performed by some of the most amazing and perhaps daring comedians in Melbourne, there’ll also be a small dog show (major prize of $15 straight out of Asher’s pocket for the winner) at the end of each show to determine if small dogs can be better than professional comedians. In other words, The Experiment is going to be a two week competition between canine and comics to solve the age-old mystery: which species is better and more entertaining? (Well, not really “age-old” but you get my drift).

My money’s on the comedians. Why?  Because the line-ups representing comedians are going to be HUGE each night! There’s no way cute, fluffy, adorable small dogs can beat these talented bunch! How do I know the line-ups are going to be huge since I’ve only been to one? Well, it really is just a simple case of using the science of deduction.  I went on opening night (September 20) and already, the line-up consisted this group of top notch comics: the singing, guitar-playing, dancing, award winning multi-talented Josh Earl; the brilliant game show host Luis (with his father Len & the quiet but talented brother Luelin); one of the best story tellers ever Claire Hooper as well as fantastic comedy sketch performer/writer Rob Hunter. With that kind of line-up on just the first night, surely there’re only more awesome ones to come. And when you add small dogs in the mix, why would you not want to go watch The Experiment?

Still not convinced?  That’s ok; I have plenty more to say about The Experiment.  The show not only have great hosts and fantastic line-ups, it also covers everything and anything that could possibly be covered! On opening night, there were: the art of serenading; a sandwich being serenaded & subsequently sexually violated; sounds of calming ocean waves; guitar-playing and singing; random throwing of confetti; singing a cappella; an awkward cabbie driver sketch; a ten minute game/quiz show with fabulous prizes to win; plenty of pet jokes; a sibling brawl; knitted jumpers; an Andrew Bolt interpretative dance; modern children’s fables; sexy pelvis thrusting as well as random facts about hippos just to name a few.

With that kind of acts and topics covered on just opening night, chances are it’ll only get better and better! Goodness knows what they’ll be bringing for the rest of the show!

The only down side to opening night would have to be the fact that there were no small dogs…no one brought their fluffy overlords to compete with the comedians which was a bit of a shame. However, this also means that the experiment/competition so far is:

ROUND ONE: Comedians – 1 , Small Dogs – 0

This is just the beginning! There’s still plenty of The Experiment left which means there’s still opportunities to enter the small dog show and potentially win $15 and the eternal glory of beating professional comedians! So to all small dogs, if you want to try and redeem yourselves from round one, tell your human servants to bring you along to the next show and enter the competition!

The Experiment is definitely a show not to be missed! Add this to your list for Melbourne Fringe Festival and experience an evening of fun, randomness, weirdness and just a touch of awkwardness that’ll leave you laughing and wanting more!  And BRING YOUR SMALL DOGS OVERLORDS for the competition!

The Experiment is running from September 20 to October 5 at the Ballroom of the Lithuanian Club!  Tickets range from $20-$28. Full details via Melbourne Fringe: 


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