Clued Up! – New Comedy Game Show Workshop Wesley Anne Northcote (11/8/2013)

120 minutes of unpredictable fun & shenanigans


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What makes a sunny and somewhat lazy Melbourne Sunday even more perfect is seeing a group of performing gems being put on the same stage to participate in a friendly, fun-filled workshop game show. Yesterday was exactly that. It was the first of two trial runs of Clued Up!, a new, approximately 120 minutes (2 hours for those who can’t convert minutes into hours) , fast paced and exhaustingly funny comedy game show performed live on stage at Wesley Anne Northcote. Produced by Ged Wood (who also produced the popular and successful Spicks and Specks on ABC), this new game show is hosted by the award winning and very charming comedian Josh Earl. It features some of Melbourne’s (actually, Australia’s) best comedians, entertainers and presenters as participants/contestants. For the first trial run of Clued Up!, the guinea pigs/test subjects consisted of this group of immense talents: Adam Richard, Justin Hamilton, Rusty Berther, Kate McLennan, Tegan Higginbotham and Xavier Michelides.

Now, you might think that this is probably just like any other game show you’ve seen on television but I can assure you that it is anything but. I don’t want to spoil or give away too much of what Clued Up! entails; however, what I can say is that the game consists of very straight forward and easy-to-follow rules. It tests not only participants’ knowledge on everything from people to concepts and everything in between; but it also tests them somewhat on their physical strength as well as their creativity and ability to think on the spot.

Although it is a game show, because there are no over-complicated game rules, it creates not only a relaxed environment but also lots of space and flexibility throughout the show that allows the participants to let loose, get up to random shenanigans and really just have fun. This meant that throughout the show, there were plenty of absolutely hilarious and completely unpredictable, unexpected, uncensored and most likely unscripted moments; it was almost like watching a group of friends catch up, joke around while they played a board game of some sort at home.

Some of the highlights for me personally were: when Adam says “stomach birth” , and when Tegan says “indubitably, Watson”. You probably have lots of question marks floating above your heads just by looking at those, and this is exactly what I meant by unpredictable. I won’t spoil what the context was for those quotes but I strongly urge you all to go watch Clued Up!. Because of all these unexpectedness of Clued Up!, we, the audience are left helplessly and completely exhausted, gasping for air laughing until our belly ached and tears ran down our cheeks. I guess my favourite part of the whole experience is that everyone (from the host to the participants to the tech, the producer and the audience)…we all had fun! We laughed together and we (may or may not have) learned a few things along the way. There was never a dull moment and we basically all had an absolute ball. (or at least, I hope we did…I mean, judging by the great atmosphere and reaction from everyone, it sure felt that way)

After watching the first trial run (and obviously trying not to give too much away), all I can say is that Clued Up! really have all the elements of great fun and entertainment for not only the participants but also the audiences watching it, so it remains a big mystery/question as to WHY it has NOT made it to television screens for all to enjoy at home yet (ahem, television networks, this is your cue…hurry up and get on board).

I strongly recommend Clued Up! to everyone. Clued Up! is a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon with friends.

There is only one more trial run (hopefully there’ll be more in the future) next Sunday (August 18) at Wesley Anne in Northcote.

The second trial run will be hosted again by the very lovable Josh Earl and will feature Lawrence Mooney, Claire Hooper, Asher Treleaven, Emily Taheny, Adam Rozenbachs and Nick Maxwell.

Details and tickets via

GO WATCH! *thumbs up*


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