Jersey Boys: A Reminiscing Piece – Final Performance, Crown Perth 30/06/13

“Bye Bye Baby, Baby Goodbye”

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Being stuck for 4 hours on a cramped low budget airliner en route back home to Melbourne has given me some time to reminisce the events that has happened during this long weekend trip in Perth. The initial plan for this trip was to arrive on Friday, explore Perth for two days and then go to the final Jersey Boys show in Australia on Sunday; this so-called “plan” fell apart soon after my friends and I arrived as we realised that, like a vortex, the “Jersey Boys pull” was too strong to ignore. We unanimously decided that we would go to the Saturday night performance as well provided that there were tickets available or not. We headed to the closest Ticketek at Perth’s His Majesty’s Theatre and luckily enough, there were not only tickets still available for Saturday night but there were three seats in the third row (it was as though they were reserved for us… ‘it’s a sign’…perhaps?).

In the blink of an eye, Saturday night soon arrived and we found ourselves sitting in Crown Perth theatre, looking up onto the stage to the familiar looking set. Throughout the performance, so many wonderful memories from the Melbourne season began pouring back, flooding the mind with excitement and, just as I remembered it three months ago in Melbourne; the cast, the music, the songs and everything in between was pure perfection.

We were fortunate enough again to see some of the cast members after the show and it was only then did it really hit me that the next evening performance would be the last one and that this was really all going to end. It was also only then did it occurred to me that as the Jersey Boys curtain closes one last time, there will be some who I might not get the chance to see perform again for a long time. That night, my heart was heavy with mixed emotions. Part of me was full of excitement and wanted Sunday night to come quickly so we could experience the magic that is Jersey Boys again; but there was also another part of me who wants Sunday night to not turn up so the show would never have to end. In between these changes of mixed emotions, Sunday night sneaked up on me and before I knew it, I was already on the train with my friends headed towards Crown Perth for the final show.

It was a full house for the final show and it was absolutely spectacular. We know the whole cast have always brought out their A-game in their performances and have always been fully pumped from start to finish; but at the final show, it felt that the whole entire cast, all the musicians and crew gave extra oomph to their acts and added maybe an extra 200% energy & emotions on stage if not more on top of their already marvellous performances.

Words simply can’t describe fully how magnificent the show was. The best way to describe the success of the show and the love that we all have for this particular cast is the fact that the show was celebrated with the whole entire full house audience at Crown Perth theatre giving a standing ovation at the end and stayed standing (there were also dancing) throughout the final song.

If anyone asks “what was the high point” (and yes, that was a quote from the show), I can honestly say that there is none…there is no one single high point because the whole show from start to finish is the high point. From Jeff’s flawless performance, Declan’s great stage presence, Anthony’s charisma and fantastic portrayal as well as Glaston’s unforgettable ten years monologue; to Michael’s brilliant performance as Bob Crewe, Joe’s beautiful singing including the “I can’t give you anything but love” line in the pizza scene, Matt’s mad drumming and guitar skills, as well as Vince’s unique and exceptional singing voice…there are plenty more to go on with but I’ll just name these few. The final show was beyond perfection, it was simply divine. They were all having a blast and the time of their lives on stage.

I would be lying if I said it’s not sad that it has come to an end. My heart felt heavy once more with emotions as my friends and I met some of the cast members after the show. It was bittersweet seeing them as we all knew that although we’ll see most of them in other productions; we probably won’t see all of them in the same one production again. On top of that, there are also those who we’re unlikely to see (they are from overseas) in Australian productions again or…if we do, it won’t be for a long, long time. As sad as this may be, even though the Jersey Boys curtain is closing and it’s time to say goodbye, I believe that the memories of this production with this particular cast will continue to live on in the audience’s minds. I also believe that we’ll all cross paths again in some way, somewhere, some day.

Jersey Boys has not only given me the opportunity to watch amazing performances and meet some exceptionally talented cast members who are beautiful on the inside & out and are probably the sweetest people I’ve ever met; but through Jersey Boys, I was also able to meet some wonderful theatre-goers who I’m happy to call friends (I don’t think I need to name them specifically, they know who they are)

About to land in Melbourne so to end this little reminiscing piece, I would just like to extend a big thank you to all the cast, musicians and backstage crew for bringing Jersey Boys to the Australian stage and for making the final show such an unforgettable evening. I wish every single one of you all the very best in everything that they do.


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