Adam Hills: Happyism @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2013 REVIEW

Intellectually Stimulating, Exhaustingly & Gasping For Air Hilarious

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It’s been almost two months since I went to watch Adam Hills’ show Happyism twice, April 16 & 18, at the 2013 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.  Words can’t possibly describe fully how incredibly talented Adam Hills is or how brilliant his mind works in coming up with and delivering such a fantastic show (hence why it took me so long to finish writing this).  I’ve finally come up with the following, it’s the best I could do but I feel that this probably still won’t do him or Happyism justice.

Referred to as the nicest and most charming man in Australian Comedy (he is an absolute gem, he has a fantastic on and off stage presence that just brightens and warms anyone he comes to contact with), the former Spicks and Specks and current Adam Hills Tonight host (by the way, be sure to tune in to AHT every Wednesday 8:30pm on ABC1), Adam Hills has finally returned to Australian soil for his first solo stand up show in three years!  To mark his great return and to add to the already existing impressive list of shows under his belt, Adam brings onto the stage: Happyism, a 75 minutes belly achingly funny, inspirational, and absolutely uplifting show (actually, if you’ve seen Happyism, you’ll probably agree with me when I say that it’s not so much a show but more of a new spiritual belief or religion)

Now, you might be thinking, it’s probably just another ordinary stand-up comedy gig like any other.  Well, if you think that, it must mean you’ve never seen or been to an Adam Hills’ show.  Adam’s shows are far from an ordinary stand-up gig.  Sure, there’s the scripted material like other shows with some punch-lines and jokes, but with Adam, you cannot simply assume that that’s all he has up his sleeves.

As somewhat a trademark and a way to captivate his audience, Adam often enjoys weaving through the audience and chatting with them before he begins his scripted materials.  This often means at least 20 minutes (most of the time it’s a lot longer than that) of unexpected, uncensored and definitely unscripted hilarious conversations, remarks and other shenanigans that he has while interacting with the audience (what’s interesting and very amazing about Adam is that no matter how random or weird the conversations or topics gets, he’ll always finds a way to connect whatever has been discussed smoothly back to his scripted materials).  Even before Adam really begins his show, you’ll find that you’re already gasping for air and exhausted from laughing.

When he finally begins his scripted materials, do not expect Adam to just simply spoon feed or throw a whole bunch of silly jokes and one-liners.  Instead, in a non-preachy way, Adam delivers his point of views and observations on the world and issues surrounding it in a classy, charismatic, clever, witty and humble manner that leaves you instantly laughing helplessly till tears run down your cheeks but at the same time leaves you intellectually stimulated and contemplating on what he has discussed (in some if not all cases, you might even find that you’re actually laughing because you’re agreeing with what’s been said).  The topics that Adam discusses in Happyism ranges from safety videos on airplanes, people’s nationality based on the way they walk, his love for Canadians, his awkward cancer joke on the US talk show Chelsea Lately, his prosthetic right foot at airport security; to cyber bullying, racism, performing with the Dalai Lama as well as the Muppets, the Swedish Chef and Kermit the Frog.  One of the aspects of his shows that I enjoy the most and what I think makes Adam’s shows so unique, popular and attractive is that there’s always a beautiful, enlightening and inspirational positive outlook life lesson or message that his materials leads up to which ties and wraps his whole show together at the end nicely, often motivating audiences to see things in a more positive light and to strive to be better in life.

Adam is truly comedy perfection; a real master of his craft and absolutely charming and lovable. Like his previous shows, Happyism is definitely a must see.  Even though comedy is quite subjective, I strongly recommend Happyism to everyone.  If you haven’t seen an Adam Hills’ show before, I strongly urge you to go on Adam Hills’ website, find out where the next show is held and get on board.  Happyism is delightful show that you don’t want it to end.  the show itself and Adam will warm your heart and soul; and have you leave the theatre at the end of the show with giant smile on your face (by the way, the smile might stay on your face for a good day or two, sometimes longer) and most importantly, a more positive outlook towards life.

“Touch the F**king Frog” (Hills, A. Happyism. 2013)


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Adam Hills Tonight Twitter – @HillsyTonight


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