Legally Blonde the Musical @ Princess Theatre Melborne 2013: Review (23/05)

Cuteness Overloading Pink Fun

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Since opening on Broadway in 2007, West End in 2009 and then moving its way across the globe; filling theatres everywhere with a whole lot of pinkness, along with a dash of bubbliness and a hint of cuteness; the winner of the 2011 Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Musical: Legally Blonde has finally made its way to Australia and ready to spread some pinkness around. Started in Sydney and already toured Brisbane, Legally Blonde has arrived in Melbourne early May at the Princess Theatre. This light hearted musical entertains audiences from the beginning to end with fun filled music, high-energy dance routines, catchy songs and fantastic acting from cast members.

The production, based on the novel by Amanda Brown and the 2001 film adaptation of the same name (starred Reese Witherspoon), tells the story of Elle Woods, a somewhat stereotyped blonde hair, pink wearing girl who enrols into Harvard Law School in order to win back her boyfriend but finds a new passion in law and helping others along the way.

The performances for the production were delivered by some of Australia’s most talented performers (Lucy Durack as Elle Woods, David Harris as Emmett, Cameron Daddo as Professor Callahan, Mike Snell as Kyle the UPS guy and Rob Mills as Warner just to name a few) as well as a strong supporting cast who without them, the production would not be as fun and full of energy.

All the performances were astounding and needless to say that the leading lady Lucy Durack wowed the audience with her wonderful acting and singing but particular mention goes to David Harris, Mike Snell and Cameron Daddo.  (On a side note, can I just say that the wonderful actors/actresses: Audrey/Sparrow and Luca who portrayed Bruiser and Rufus respectively are absolutely adorable and I really think they may have stolen quite a bit of the spotlight whenever they’re on stage).

David Harris: A marvellous & ace performer; that’s a fact and everyone knows it.  His portrayal as Emmett Forrest was definitely icing on the cake.  His acting was top-notch and he sang the songs perfectly with his fantastic vocals. Did I mention he also danced wonderfully?  Especially the little “Emmett” dance moves that he did; a little quirky, but that’s what makes him so lovable and adorable, absolutely loved it.  I would dare say it’s impossible to find a flaw in David’s performance; he’s an absolute gem and a joy to watch on stage.  Basically, as soon as he leaves the stage at the end of his scene, you’ll almost immediately start wondering and anticipating when he’ll come back on for the next scene. That’s how good and lovable he is.

Mike Snell: Not only has the triple threat factor (wonderful acting, singing and superb dancing) but he’s also a master of disguise throughout the show.  He may be listed in the program as just Kyle the UPS guy, but if you keep your eyes peeled, you’ll notice that he plays more than one character.  Try and see if you can spot how many characters he portrays (I’ve spotted at least five).  Personally, I really think he has done a fantastic job in the production!  He has a wonderful, gorgeous stage presence that every time he’s on stage; it’s hard not to shift your focus to him.  Did I mention that my heart melts every time he smiles on stage?  He has the sweetest smile and personality that he brings onto the stage a whole new level of warmth and sunshine.  I can’t wait to see what Mike has in stores next.

Cameron Daddo: After a twenty year absence from the Australia theatre stage, Cameron returns with a bang!  Words can’t quite describe how well his performance was.  His portrayal of the antagonist Professor Callahan was divine and wickedly perfect.  I have to be honest, I have never seen him perform before so I didn’t know what to expect.  But from what I have heard before watching the show, I was told that he is a performing legend.  Well, after watching it, I concur that he is exactly that; his whole performance was definitely tip-top and first class. I felt very lucky to have had the opportunity to watch him perform and be in the presence of a great actor.  Combined with his wonderful performance and looking devilishly suave in the striped suit and red tie, it was hard not to like him (he did give a bit of a “bad boy” feel to the professor and that could be why it’s hard not to like him even though he’s the antagonist in the show).  I really hope we don’t need to wait another twenty years for his next theatre performance.

Legally Blonde is definitely a cuteness overload and fun musical to watch with the whole family, especially during Melbourne’s cold and rainy autumn/winter season.  This musical will put a smile on your face and warm your hearts; with great catchy songs that’ll leave you singing them as you exit the theatre and have them stuck in your head for a good day or two.

Legally Blonde is currently playing at the Princess Theatre, Melbourne for a limited season. Tickets on sale at Ticketmaster.


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