Wil Anderson: GoodWil @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2013 REVIEW

Jaw Hurting, Stomach Aching Funny

(picture courtesy of – http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2013/season/shows/goodwil-wil-anderson )

It’s been exactly three weeks since I attended the 2013 Melbourne International Comedy Festival for the first time (yes, I do realise it’s quite shocking that I’ve never been to MICF before in my 10+ years living in Melbourne). Don’t get me wrong, I love stand-up comedy, I just didn’t know anyone who likes the same comics as I do. That is until this year when I got to meet a great friend who shared the same liking for one particular comic, and so when she asked me if I wanted to go to his show, I jumped at the chance.

So who’s the comic that I’m talking about? Well, if you’re smart enough to read the heading of this entry, you’ll know that I’m referring to the brilliant, suave and charismatic Wil Anderson. By now, some of you might already be either writing hate comments or asking why in the world would I like him or think he’s funny etc. Now, I could be civil and reply with: comedy is often subjective and therefore there’ll be people who’ll find him funny while others won’t; or…I could just say what I really feel and that’s…well, I don’t really give a f**k if you don’t like him or if you don’t think he’s funny. I like him and I think he’s hilarious and that’s all that matters. And if you’re reading good reviews about him (like this one) just to attack him or people who like him…you have a very sad life (Just saying). Everyone’s entitled to their opinion and my opinion is that he’s superb at what he does and his new show GoodWil just further reiterates exactly how clever and funny he is.

With two beers by his side and just his charming self each night, Wil marks his 18th time at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with the brand new show titled “GoodWil”. Throughout the show, Wil connects with the audience on a personal level and discusses eloquently a wide variety of topics; ranging from personal matters such as how his 1966 Ford Mustang got stolen, his new pet, his identity being stolen as well as his health including osteoarthritis on his hips…to current affairs and political issues such as same-sex marriage, bush fires, Australia as the 2nd best place in the world to be born in and asylum seekers. Though some of the topics may seem un-relatable to each other, Wil has this wonderful ability to make them work by either interlinking them or changing them with ease. If you’ve ever listened to Wil’s Podcast “TOFOP/FOFOP” (it’s an absolutely fantastic Podcast by the way and it’s available free on iTunes, definitely go and check it out), you’ll find that the show GoodWil is similar in that it is fast paced (the topics are changed naturally and smoothly but very quickly), filled with hilarious personal anecdotes, witty remarks as well as self-deprecating humour. Throughout the show, Wil not only makes audiences’ smile, giggle and/or burst-out with laughter (usually the latter), there are also a few “aww” moments here and there.

The only warning I would give in relation to the show is that if you do plan to watch GoodWil, it would be wise not to play drinking games such as one where you take a drink every time Wil says the F word during the show, because chance are, you’ll probably wake up the next day in a hotel suite with a baby in the closet, a tiger in the bathroom, a missing tooth and have no recollection of what happened the previous night (and yes, this is a reference to Hangover in case you didn’t know). In other words, the amount of times he says the F word is most likely enough to get you completely smashed/pissed. Having said that though, I’m not saying that he just says the F word every two seconds for no reason, personally, I thought he used the F word in all the appropriate places throughout the show, it adds just that little extra humour to the already very funny jokes, punch lines and anecdotes.

Wil’s new show GoodWil definitely entertains and captivates the audience right from the start to the very end. From personal experience, my jaws hurt, my stomach ached and I was completely exhausted by the end of the show due to excessive laughing. I’m very glad I chose Wil Anderson as my first…live stand up show and I’m looking forward to what he has to bring for the next Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Wil Anderson is currently somewhere overseas so keep an eye out for his touring schedule (see below for links), I highly recommend his show to everyone! Meanwhile, be sure to check his Podcast TOFOP/FOFOP out! (link below). It’s a lot of fun to listen to but I probably wouldn’t recommend you to listen to it on public transport or in public places though because you’ll find that you’ll be laughing out loud a lot (I do not mean the typing “L-O-L” kind, I’m referring to literally laughing out loud) so if you listen to it in public places, people will give you the “wtf” look (speaking from personal experience).

For everything Wil Anderson including tour dates, Check Wil Anderson’s website, facebook & twitter for more info:

Website- http://www.wilanderson.com.au/

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/officialwilanderson

Twitter- @Wil_Anderson

Wil’s Podcast FOFOP available via iTunes:

iTunes- https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/tofop/id381224765


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