The Voice of Jeff Madden

"Taking the Wheel" : Jeff Madden 
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In my previous blog entry (see:–princess-theatre-melbourne-2013-review-0102/ ), I reviewed the jukebox musical Jersey Boys currently running at the Princess Theatre in Melbourne.  I praised in particular the exceptional performance of Canadian actor Jeff Madden for his portrayal of Frankie Valli.  In all honesty, before I watched the show, I had no idea who Jeff Madden was.  That Friday night was the very first time I watch Jeff perform and I loved every moment of his performance.  But as much as I loved him as Frankie, having watched him perform got me wondering…yes, Jeff sings amazingly as Frankie but…how is he singing as “himself”?  What is the voice of Jeff Madden? 

I was very intrigued to find some answers so I went off and did a little investigation (commonly known as Googling) and I was able to find out that he has released an album called Taking The Wheel.  My next mission was to find a copy of this album…I searched everywhere in Melbourne (I didn’t want to purchase through the internet because then it would mean I have to wait for the delivery) but alas, I couldn’t find it anywhere.  My last resort was to see if they have it on iTunes and luckily, they do.

I previewed Track 10 “The Prayer” and immediately after the preview finished I knew I had to purchase his album.  And so…I did.

Jeff Madden is absolutely divine.  It’s hard to find words to describe how amazing and talented Jeff is, his vocals are heavenly and each song sung by him touches and warms your heart.  His voice is not only extremely good, it is very unique for all the right and good reasons, he has a voice that you’ll love to listen to, recognise and fall in love with. 

Each song that he has chosen to sing showcases not only the diversity of his vocal abilities as well as his versatility in music genres but it also showcases his wonderful ability to tell a story and invoke listeners to different emotions with his voice.  He is truly a talented gem.

It is quite difficult to choose my favourite tracks because they are all done beyond perfection.  But some I definitely recommend are: “Taking the Wheel”, “What is it About Her?”, “Tears in Heaven”, “Man”, “Una Furtiva Lagrima”, “The Prayer” and “Hero and Leander” (I think I’ve already listed half of the album…like I said, it’s hard to choose my favourites)

If you enjoyed Jeff Madden as Frankie Valli, wait till you hear this album.  You will fall completely in love with Jeff Madden as Jeff Madden.  A wonderful guy with great talent.  I’m very glad that I went to watch Jersey Boys and I’m glad I was “introduced” to Jeff Madden.  To conclude and attempt to answer “What is the voice of Jeff Madden?”, I’ve got to say and as cheesy as it might be, that even though no one has ever heard angels sing, I imagine his voice is the closest to describe how they would sound.

The album can be purchased via iTunes or Amazon (Support the artists, only purchase from legitimate places/websites)



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  1. Lovely review, Josie. It is a fantastic album isn’t it? We are so fortunate to have been able to see such a talented performer live

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